Personal Information

  • Operations Manager @ Google
  • MBA: Strategy, BS: Mech. Eng.
  • Passports: United States, Italy
  • Current City: Pittsburgh, PA
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Professional Profile

Experienced operations manager, process improvement expert, and business analyst. Deep experience in strategic outsourcing and vendorization, support and service analytics, cost modeling, statistical forecasting, and extracting valuable insights from large sets of data.

MBA and BS Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon. Past experience in mechanical design/engineering, industrial sales, business development and application engineering. JavaScript, PHP, SQL, MATLAB, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator.

I am a serial hobbyist, outright engineering geek, an insatiable explorer.

Work Experience

June 2016 - Present

Senior Product Operations Manager

Google, gTech Ads

Program management of process improvement team with 25+ members to streamline support consult paths and escalations within Google. The team reduced customer resolution time by 66,000+ monthly hours across the Shopping ecosystem, saving enormous support HC costs.

  • Managed team-wide strategic launches, organizing and prioritizing work from an interdisciplinary team, allocating resources through multiple sub-project lifecycles. Oversaw 15 simultaneous, Agile-focused sub-projects, including new customer-facing tools and external communications with 100% on-time launches in 2017.
  • Workstream mapping and internal consulting between multiple product management, external support, and operations teams to build, advocate, and launch new product features and internal processes.
  • Designed and launched metrics reporting pipeline, identifying bottlenecks from leading metrics in case management systems and workstream mapping. Produced detailed analytics from deep SQL mining of case data and multivariate regression thereof.

Launch management of major eCommerce ad products, including public launches: Brand Showcase Ads, Product Placement Ads, Local Inventory Ads, and Shopping Delivery Dates within Google Merchant Center (aka Google Shopping), resulting in >$500M in new advertising revenue.

  • Design of support infrastructure, internal/external training, beta/alpha client pipelines, implementation processes, troubleshooting workflows and capacity forecasting/planning. Launched 5+ new ad features.
  • Facilitated client onboarding of 50+ new retailers, with direct external training and onboarding support of nascent Ad products. Onboarded 15+ retailers for Showcase ads within 1Q, converting hesitant customers in to happy early adopters.
  • Steering of usability, serviceability and scaling strategy, with heavy collaboration with product managers, engineering teams, and sales representatives. Designed and tested 10+ ‘Customer Journeys’ with direct contributions to UX/UI design and product features.

May 2013 - June 2016

Partner Operations Manager

Google, Channel Intelligence

Launched and managed a support team of 35+ support agents, covering over $2B in annual ad revenue. Outsourced support workflows for 150 retail clients, reducing support cases escalated to full-time employees from 100% to 0.8% over three years, and reducing total Opex by >85% annually.

  • Full deployment of a new support team, including design of quality framework, utilization analytics, cost-to-serve models, and knowledge management system. Launched 24x7 support with <1 hour initial response time, responding to >2,000 annual direct customer support interactions and >10,000 system alerts annually with a <0.2% error rate.
  • Quarterbacked 3 ‘cyber weeks’, managing on-call escalations and support interventions for our top 100 B2B retailers (inc. Target, Wal-Mart, etc.). Eliminated VP escalations from 3 in 2013 to 0 in 2016.

Computed, curated and communicated business analytics to reduce headcount costs, enhance support quality, maximize vendor utilization and efficiency. Mined for data across multiple datasets using SQL, VBA, and statistical models (multivariate regressions). Determined incremental product revenue, directly influencing the pricing model, by filtering seasonality and other covariance from performance metrics.

Created product design requirements with supporting business cases, organizing operational teams and development efforts, including reducing internal alerting by >30%, saving over $100,000 in annual vendor capacity.

Lead team trainings for employees and vendors located in China and India to enable smooth sailing for customers during the critical shopping season. Reduced vendor workflow error rate by >80% over three years.

July 2011 - May 2013

Sales Application Engineer

Siemens Industry, Inc. Drive Technologies

Technical sales position, designing multi-million dollar solutions for industrial customers. Specialized in Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) systems and AC motors in excess of 50,000 HP. Ushered customers through the sales cycle through diligent application engineering, finding technical solutions to complex engineering problems, and providing sales support for >$50M in annual engineered product sales.

  • Managed a multi-year frame agreement worth $10M for the largest petrochemical facility in the world in Saudi Arabia.
  • System integration, quotation management, specification review, and client communication for large-scale industrial installation.
  • Responsible for individual project P&L, with a strong history of uncovering cost-savings for company and customer alike.

October 2009 - June 2011

Business Development Application Engineer

Elliott Group, Engineered Products

Oversaw software development project to produce internal and external tools dedicated to estimating the price, cost, and manufacturability of enormous turbomachinary. Worked with software development contractors to produce robust pricing tools, quotation generation software, cost models and beyond.

  • Developed quotation tool that estimated the costs of multi-million dollar turbomachinary within 2.5% accuracy.
  • Designed pricing software to estimate market price and margins for complex industrial projects.
  • Created complex accounting algorithms to evaluate the manufacturability for large-frame steam turbines and compressors up to 70,000 horsepower.

September 2009 - October 2009

Design Specialist

GAI Consultants, Contract Position

Engineering docuementation review and drawings markups for Gen 3+ nuclear power plants. I combed over drawings with a fine-toothed comb to spot inconsistencies that failed to be captured during the design revision process.

  • Reviewed design modification proposals for the Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear reactor, the first Generation III+ reactor to receive final design approval from the NRC.
  • Revised technical drawings to synchronize engineering design departments and technical documentation control departments
  • Modified internal documentation to ensure compliance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) standards and practices.

February 2009 - September 2009

Mechanical Design Engineer

Daedalus Product Development

Designing, prototyping, and fabricating an array of specialty consumer devices. With lots of hands on experience, rigorous 3D modeling, and truly wise engineering mentors, I landed out of undergrad on my feet.

  • Designed and tested components and assemblies for the medical and mine safety industries.
  • Validated product designs using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in both SolidWorks and ProEngineer packages.
  • Keystone project: building a shopping-cart sized chiller/intercooler for veterinary purposes.



Tepper School of Business (Carnegie Mellon)

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Concentrations in Strategy, Entrepreneurship.

2005 - 2009

Carnegie Mellon University

BS Mechanical Engineering, Deans List.


Ashley Kaufman

Partner Operations Manager @ Google

"Nick not only is a pleasure to work but he is a great leader across both internal and external initiatives. Nick is an excellent problem solver, creative thinker, and great communicator and is always willing to help out other team members. Nick's wealth of technical knowledge and upbeat personality makes him a great asset to any organization."

Naresh Rupani

Sr. Program Manager, Vendor Operations @ Google

"It has been a pleasure to work with Nick on multiple projects. He comes across as a very seasoned operations person with strong approach to structured thought process and execution plan. He is very flexible and approachable to work with did set a strong bonding with the offshore team. His methodical mindset and zeal to drive results, sets him apart from his colleagues."

Jose Monroy

Lead, Partner Operations @ Google

"I had the opportunity to work with Nick as his manager on the Scaled Services team. Nick is a creative thinker which allows him to tackle complex problems with a unique perspective that often solves the root of the issue. Our line of work is often filled with ambiguity, and Nick does a great job of successfully navigating through it, never hesitating to take initiative on projects that help bring bring clarity and improve the status quo. With certainty, I can say that Nick's talent and skills will allow him to be successful anywhere he goes."

Mark Rowley

Operational Auditor @ Siemens

"Nick Smarto has the valuable combination of technical engineering expertise along with high financial aptitude. I witnessed on multiple occasions Nick coming up with innovative solutions to difficult customer challenges and negotiating commercial agreements beneficial to both the organization and its customers. In addition to being highly talented, Nick also has great interpersonal skills. He is the type of person that others gravitate to, and he used this charisma to form valuable business relationships throughout our organization. I’m sure that whatever Nick pursues in his career, he will be extremely successful, and any organizations that choose to invest in Nick will see substantial benefits."

Technical Skills

$ B
Billions of Ad revenue supported.

Customer Success

Program management, process excellence, continuous improvement, business analytics, team design and management.

Years of Experience

Mechanical Engineering

3D modeling and photorealistic rendering, human interaction/safety design, fabrication, dynamics, CFD/FEA, Solidworks, Fusion360.

$ M
Largest VFD package sold

Technical Sales

System specification, integration, and applications engineering for industrial and information technology products.

Years of Experience

Design Software

Not just making memes. Professional photographer and videographer, Photoshop, After Effect, Illustrator, Premiere, Cinema4D.

Productions as Lead LD

Lighting Design

Lighting design in theatrical and concert environments. Automated fixture programming, time-coding, production management.

Size of largest vendor team

Vendor Management

Management of vendor support teams, international and domestic, with 24/7 on-call, team design, implementation, and training.

Photos in my archive


Paid my way through undergrad as a wedding photographer business, and still shoot actively.

Customer hours saved

Statistics and Analytics

Reducing costs in multiples of my headcount overhead, multivariate regression, forecasting, SQL, crazy-advanced Excel/AppsScript.


  • Business Development

    Competitive positioning, pricing, scaling, and growing new technologies in the industrial, entertainment and IT sector.

  • Lighting Design

    I've designed (and operated) lighting for concerts, stage productions, and architecture installations.

  • Photography

    I've owned and operated a photography business for many years. Not just taking photos, I covered sales, marketing, web development and fulfillment sides of the business.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Equal parts designer and analyst, I have engineered products and processes with focus on efficiency, efficacy, and ethics.

  • Motor-homing

    Okay, this isn't a 'career', but it ought to be. I love taking the RV on new adventures.

  • Vendor Management

    Extensive background in managing international and domestic vendor teams.

  • Technical Design

    Electromechanical assemblies, micro controllers, robotics. Through work and play, I've been able to design some nifty machine.

  • Event Production

    Marketing, business development, and project management for the Great Blue Heron music festival. Lead digital marketing manager.


I'm always excited to hear about opportunities for new side projects, wilderness adventures, or even new career paths.

Feel free to reach out!

268 S. Euclid Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Tel: +1 724 689 2577

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